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I have seen suboxone work for othe rpeople but i am not the type of person that has dicipline to take almost any pill as directed so for me a taper or sub plan was out of the question. i was taking about 80+mg per day of oxy/perc/roxi whatever was around, more on weekends and sometimes less during the week. How much did he say he was taking per day?

at any rate, you should be proud of him for confessing to you and support him 100% because if you have never been addicted its really hard to understand what he will be going through. I used to talk down about people who were addicts and i would say, "just quit the stuff you know its killing you, isnt that enough motivation", until i noticed i was addicted and went though withdrawal myself did i have respect for others who have kicked the habit because it grabs you so hard and you dont even know what your in for. without the full support of my wife, a friend that had agreed to quit same time as i, and ESPECIALLY this forum, i dont think i would be clean today. I hope that helps a little bit.

Kinda weird how us addicts defend one another without even knowing each other huh?

If you feel comfortable even can have him get a profile and join this board, it helped me greatly through my withdrawals.

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