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your dr. doesn't seem to know much about sub, well, most don't unfortunately. jumping off at 2mg is a BAD IDEA! most people who taper off successfully, go all the way down to .25mg, then start skipping days, then every 2 days and then quit. 2mg of sub is still a very potent dose! these clueless, money hungry dr.s, IMO, don't really want us off--we're putting their kids thru college! they know 2mg is still a pretty big dose--but some just don't know. i strongly advise you to keep tapering by .5mg, then .25mg before you jump! and then look into LDN, (low dose naltrexone). this helps alleviate paws by increasing our natural endorphin production by 300%! that is ONLY 3--4.5mg at bedtime. a complete free-form amino blend with extra DLPA and tyrosine will really help also! and b vitamins, magnesium and calcium. kava, gaba, 5htp, valerian, and samE will help with anxiety and insomnia.

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