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Hello Steff

Just wanted to share with you that my brother-in-law also became addicted to Afrin. Started with a bad cold and somehow he was still using it a year later.

His wife called the family doctor and simply stated that Hubby was addicted to Afrin and needed to see the doctor. He went in and no one blinked an eye or seemed shocked about it. The doctor gave him something... I have no idea what, but he was off the Afrin and fine within a couple of weeks.

See another doctor, in my opinion, and be blunt... "I can not get off this Afrin without some help and I want off." Personally, I would see an ear, nose and throat doctor as they will probably be more familiar with this type of problem.

In the meantime, try using fewer 'squirts' each time and stretching the time between doses more and more. Tapering with pills, we cut the amount of pills and start stretching the time between doses. Seems to me that tapering from a spray would work the same way.

Wishing you well
Replace the afrin with saline solution nasal spray...there is
generic or ocean but it will take a little time but the saline
solution will open up and flush out the nasal passages and
heal them at the same time...for you,since your nasal linings
are so raw, it may burn but it is better than continuing using
Afrin which just creates rebound congestion and it gets worse
and worse....nasal saline solution is the way to go . it worked
for me and finally for my husband who was an Afrin junkie.

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