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Like most...long time lurker,first time poster! I've struggled with an addiction to pain meds for probably 5 or 6 years now off and on. About 3-4 years ago I got myself cleaned up and had been doing pretty well until I broke my elbow last year. Funny enough, even through all the pain, the first thing that ran into my mind was "Oh , I'll have to get back on pain meds again..." Well, to make a long story short, that's been a year now and I am right back to where I was all those many years ago. Not so much from a consumption standpoint but the mental aspect of it is absolutely ! It's a constant battle thinking about them and should I or shouldn't I...type battles going on in my head. I can pretty much deal with the physical WD as I've done it way too many times before and all cold turkey and will power. But now I'm faced with this problem again and I do not like it. What do you guys do, besides stay busy? I find reading the boards help but when I get to reading about vics, Norco and oxy I drift into my thoughts of how can I get some or even should I? I have so much going for me and a wonderful supportive wife and I cannot bear what this is doing to her any longer. I do have an appt. with an addiction counselor on Friday and it cannot get here fast enough. I always believe "Knowledge is Power" and that's what I'm searching for..knowledge. Can anyone provide any for me?
Thanks! You guys on this board are a great help, even to lurkers, and it gives me strength to read through the posts and threads.
I'm sorry! I didn't use the words only tried to hide them with symbols..I will not do it in the future! Again, my apologies!
Oh my gosh tucker, that could have been me typing that.
I also would like to know how people deal with the mental part of this.

That is my biggest problem. If my brain would just quit looking for ways to get them. Maybe I don't have enough to do to occupy my mind
looking forward to the responses you get.
Hi, Tuck. I've been thinking about your question all evening. There is an obsessive aspect to addiction. The preoccupation of the mind with the drug is a coping mechanism, I think, to help distract us from the painful feelings and realities that the drugs numbed us to.

When you find yourself struggling with the mental stuff, try to remember and list for yourself all of the reasons you decided to quit. If I think about all of the negatives associated with using, it really does help to fight off the urge.

I hope the addiction counselor is able to offer some more specific techniques for you to beat the mental aspects of it. Best of luck.
lillie21: I's so very comforting, and strange at the same time, to read some of the threads/posts and say "THAT'S ME!!!" I've done that so amny times I can't count them. It's also good to remember when reading those posts..that "I'm not alone and It's not just me." That helps me somewhat in dealing with the cravings.

phoenix101: thanks for the extra thought you've put into your post; I appreciate your sincerity (sp?) and words of encouragement. That's a great idea and I'm a HUGE list maker so that will play right into some of my strengths. I will keep you all informed about the addiction counselor and what he has to offer. Although, I know a lot of my addictive personality traits come from my Dad and our so-called relationship as I was growing up. I feel like I'm finally going to have to face a lot of those old demons and battle them back down before I can battle this one down for the last time!

Thanks again everyone for the ideas and encouragement; every little thing helps!

I hope that I can be of some assistance here. I am about three months shy of being clean and sober for 3 years. I am a recovering heroin/alcohol/extacy addict. I have come to understand that using is but a symptom associated with addiction. The problem lies within us. It wasn't until i started looking at myself and how i behaved in certain situations that the healing could begin. I had to start changing my actions, regardless what my thoughts associated with the action was. Just because I was getting clean didnt mean the world changed, it only meant I changed. I still have relationship issues, friendship issues, work issues. The only difference in my life today is that i don't run from them any more. I am an active participant in my life today. All I have to do is the next right thing, over and over again. Some days that means the only right thing that you do is not use. I have found my home in AA. I am surrounded by people that love me unconditionally. They aren't my friend so i can provide them a service, and vice versa. Today, i look at life a little different than i used to. I love my self today. It hasn't been easy, I have had my trials while sober, but by staying sober i feel that i have been given a new life. I dont have bad days anymore. Granted some are way harder than others, but at the end of the day I am not a slave to a drug. That helps me sleep at night.

I know what you are going through,
Lots of love

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