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Hi there Lala,

Are you still taking the Norco strickly for pain, or to feel good. There is a difference between and addict (someone who takes the pils for the high)
and someone who becomes physically dependent. Since you've been
taking them on a daily basis for 2 yrs, you will experience withdrawal.
However, some people have it worse than others do to taking much higer
daily doses before quitting.

I went cold turkey from a lesser amt per day and that was with about 2 1/2 months a daily use. It wasn't too bad. Somehow, I managed to work with it because we were just too busy for taking off to be an option. I felt like I had a virus. Body aches, headaches, nervousness, insomnia and the runs that lasted about 2 weeks. Along with the above, I had terrible cravings for the
darn pills and became very depressed.

If you have been using your pain meds for the sole purpose of killing the pain
and not the buzz, then hopefully you won't have the mental torture that goes along with WD for addicts.

Tapering is what I hear is the best way to get off of them. Also, for any
withdrawal symptoms, read the "sticky" at the begining of the board for help with Home Detox.

You are doing a good thing here and I wish you the best as you start this new
transition in your life.

Take care,


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