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I have been on percocet for 2years and have an interview tommorrow and need help I was off for 1 day til last night couldn't sleep at all with ambien. When can I go for my drug test and pass and tonight what do I do to sleep. THis is really bad. I have a script and just got in a bad car accident and they won't understand?:confused:
As far as your new job is concerned, if you tell them up front that you have a script and show it to them, you should be fine for the drug test. They always ask you what medicines you are taking before administering the test. I don't see how it will be a problem.

As for being addicted, that's is something you are going to have to deal with if and when you are ready. Do you want to quit? Are you ready to quit? To me, these are two very different questions.
I have read up and nurses are except from the even if your have a script. I want to quick because I depend on it but I am very cloudy since coming off and sleeping at night any ideas. I take ambien and I xanax which has helped but I night I am soooo tired and when I close my eyes its like my body doesn't want to sleep. What I miss the high and fell depressed becuase of the high not there like I am finally in reality. DOes any now when it would be safe to take the drug test how many days do I wait.

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