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Hi all! I've been in recovery from alcohol for 24 years and have also had my share of depression and anxiety that came before I ever picked up a drink to self-medicate. My psychiatrist prescribed a non-addictive anti- anxiety medication called Buspar. The highest dose that people can take is up to 60 mgs. I, however, only started taking 10 mg per day about 10 days ago. It does help with the anxiety and works with the depression also because it doesn't work like Valium, Klonopin, or Xanax. I looked up info on the Internet regarding things to watch for such as side effects and one of the things it said was to let your doctor know is if you've ever had an alcohol problem or drug dependency. My doctor knows my history, but this scared the heck out of me and it started me feeling very concerned that I might be doing something wrong. Has anyone else ever taken Buspar and been in recovery and been successful with it? I don't feel the least bit like this is something that I want to take in excess. I am going through an extremely stressful time with my husband who is facing major surgery on Sept. 16th and my pdoc felt this would help me as I am also having trouble sleeping as well. Thanks so much for hearing me out. Yours in recovery--Hopeto--
I too am a recovering alcoholic and took Buspar 5 years for anxiety disorder . It worked great but after 5 years it stopped working. I was up to 60mg a day. I now take Prozac 20mg a day. Buspar is a great safe drug for recovering people because it doesn't give you a "high" . Good luck to you.
Mary Jo
Hi Mary Jo--Thanks so much for your response--it makes me feel so much better to hear from a friend in recovery. I have had so many different diagnoses through the years that I could take or leave from different doctors, but the basic issue that I have had all of my life is severe anxiety and depression, not to mention severe allergies as well and if the allergies are out of whack, so is the depression and anxiety. I am an absolute wreck, always worrying about everything and with my husband's health issues and trying to give up smoking again, it's tough right now to get a grip. The last thing I can afford is a relapse because not only would I go back 24 years in time mentally, but I would probably die from alcohol poisoning because I'm so allergic to everything now. Even just "keeping it in the day" or living by "easy does it" is difficult right now, but I am so glad you've posted and I will take what you've said and build on it. God bless and thanks so much--Hopeto--
Hi Hope to, We sound like twins. I have so many allergies I am now on allergy shots once a week , I suffer from depression as well. Quit smoking for 9 weeks and became suicidal so i just smoke 10 cigarettes a day instead of 30-40. Having partial knee replacement done on 9-29 this month and worried about the pain meds after. talked to doctor and sponsor and huband (who is also a friend of Bill W.) and they all say "all will be well". Let me know how it is going for you and stay in touch:) Mary Jo
Hi. I have Buspar but I am worried about the side effects. Do you have any side effects I'm happy to read it's working for you.

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