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so I quit drinking alcohol.
The weekend was my biggest bingeing period when I did drink and I got through my first weekend last weekend by eating alot of food...
I am not going to drink my life..EVER! I have made the commitment and havn't told anyone except myself..which is how I have to do it.

Here is the hardest part now....

What used to be fun when I drank is no longer interesting..about 95% of my life now is boring for some reason...even when I wasn't drunk before I would look forward to having a couple glasses of wine at night and that would make my whole day worth living..which is why I quit in the first place..

Seriously. I go to bed super early now because I have no idea what to do...I have looked up things to do when you quit drinking and there are huge lists of things read a book, go for a hike, join an AA meeting ETC... but none of those things seems interesting to me..NOT ONE THING. I spend my time sitting there, looking around, almost like I just woke up from 10 years of depending on alcohol to make my life more interesting...and I don't know what to do with myself.
Even my hobbies which were so stimulating and satisfying to me before are no longer that way...will that come back? I hope so
Depression has crossed my mind...but I am more thinking that I have to learn to live my llife without alcohol and that is something I have no idea how to do
Yea, man, I feel ya. Life with a bottle seems way more beautiful than without it. It's just not the same when u're sober. I get bored, weak, irritated and all I can think of is the four letters, "LCBO", lol. (it stands for liquor control board of Ontario, in case u don't know what it is). That promise u made to yourself is a big step. It's gonna be really good if you can keep it. Hang in there. From my experience, when I feel like drinking, I don't do any activities, I just try to lay down, relax, and close my eyes(which sometimes is hard too, because when I have a withdrawal, I start seeing bad dreams). Eating helps when you just drank, but when a couple of days passes it is better to refrain from food for a couple of days, from my experience(if you can quit drinking you can do that too, very easily). Good luck, and I wish I could make that type of promise to myself.

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