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It's very similar to an AA meeting.

You go in, get a cup of coffee and sit down. Depending on where you are and what meeting you go to there can be anywhere from 5 to 40 people. Usually 60%-40% male-female and younger on average than most AA groups. There are two formats for a meeting, open or closed. Open means everyone is invited to attend, closed means addicts and people who think they might be addicts only.

Meetings usually begin with announcements, these will be made by whoever is chairing the group this week. They include typical meeting business; who's making the coffee next week, who's going to help clean up, etc. At some point during the meeting a donation basket will be passed around, most people throw a buck in, but you don't have too. There are no dues or fees for NA membership.

[I]Literature meetings[/I] involve the reading and discussion of NA literature.

[I]Speaker meetings[/I] are when one or two people tell their stories to the group. There may or may not be discussion afterwords.

[I]Discussion or Topic meetings[/I] are discussion groups. Usually the topic is chosen beforehand.

There are also [I]specialty meetings[/I], ie: women only, men only, teens only etc.

If someone calls on you but you don't care to share, just say "I'm just listening tonight, thanks."

At the end of the meeting they may hand out medallions and/or celebrate group member anniversaries, then they may join hands and recite the serenity prayer or the Lord's prayer or an uplifting passage from NA literature.
(or they may all run outside to smoke cigarettes! :D)

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