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Hi Star,
First, I hope I dont get dinged from the mod because I copied your post. I did that so I can hopefully respond to all your concerns with out going back and forth to see what you had posted.

My name is Marilyn and I am an alcoholic. My sobriety date is March 13th 2008. I am twice your age but an alcoholic none-the-less. I'd like to share a bit of my storey, leaving a lot of stuff out and fast forwarding to the end of my drinking career.
At the end, I could not stop drinking. Litterally. I knew I needed help and could not detox safely by myself at home so I went to a rehab. I was there for 6 days and they put me on meds to keep my blood pressure down and calm me a bit. Nothing they gave me was addictive but very effective.
When I was sobering up, one of my major concerns was that I had harmed my body and my brain in such a way that it was irreversable. I was really, really, scared. Just like you. Now, I dont want to over load you with too much information but I can promise you this, you are going to be just fine. As long as you stop drinking and take care of yourself.
When I was in after care, I learned about PAWS. Post accute alcohol withdrawl syndrome. Let me tell you what a relief it was to learn about this! I had EVERY symptom.
Initally, like you, I was sweating and nervous. I could not keep a thought in my mind. And some thoughts never went away. I would sing (in my mind) the same verse of a song, over and over again. I would walk into walls and not remember why I would go into a room for something. Scary stuff. I was afraid that I had permenent brain damage. Learning about P.A.W.S. helped me feel better an know that I would be ok.
What you are feeling physically is a normal process as you detox from alcohol. Itchy, sweats, irritable, tired but cant sleep. What I hope you are doing is eating, resting, and taking a over the counter pain releiver for the muscle aches. Drink pleanty of fluids, even if you dont want to.
I commend you for seeking help. You cant do this alone. You will get better if you work and want it. I will be here for you if you have questions. Detox from alcohol takes anywhere from 6-14 days depending on your drinking history. Your mileage may vary. Drink fluids, go to bed, and say a prayer. I am here to say that it does get better, you will get better if you work for it.
P.S. You dont have Wet Brain......

[QUOTE]I'm 23 years old and have been an alcoholic for 2 years. I usually drink 3-5 times a week and when I do I go all out. I was recently on a 3 day bende'llr and my family held an intervention for myself. I'm going to a 90 day rehab next monday. I'm under close watch of family so I won't drink till I leave.

Here is my question, cut to chase.

It is now the second night clean and I feel awful. Hot flashes, tingling, my body is all itchy, stress is just dumping out my body, I had nausea my first day because of the hangover, but now my nerves just feel shot. And I mean shot. My scalp just burns and my head hurts. These last two days, I have had such mental confusion, I think that's "wet brain"? i don't know terms. I also have an extreme stiff neck...Is the neck stiffness from the alcohol? or is the neck stiffness from stress.

Yea it sucks! but my question is to all of you. Do i have permanent nerve damage? wiill this pain go away? Is it from the alcohol or do i have brain damage? My main concern is I've had all of these symptoms before but did nothing about them except drink. When i drink all this goes away. Plus there are tons of vriuses and bugs floating around this time a year. I am going through hell right now. Will my body ever recover? sry i'm i sound like i'm freaking out but i am. severe anxiety going on right now. *sigh*

thanks and god bless :angel:[/QUOTE]

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