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<[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]>. I have an addiction to dextropropoxiphen and have been on about 20x100 mg a day for well over one year. Yesterday I cut my intake of dextro completetly, started with a 20ug Norspan patch and now, 16 h later Iīm only suffering slightly.

I never thought it would be possible to get off that addiction this easy and I guess itīs to early to say what will happen during the next weeks. Had I not been on this patch, I would be vomiting, shaking, suffering from heavy anxiety and so on by now... So at least I can say that for sure itīs increasing my ability to stay off my opioid drug of choice :)
Still only suffering slightly. A bit of anxiety and an uneasy stomach.
Sorry, not familiar with your drug of choice or the remedy you are trying, but did want to offer my support and tell you that you are certainly not alone. I am on day 4 of trying to kick oxy/hydro codone addiction.

Im very glad for you that your treatment seems to be working well and helping with the withdrawl sypmtoms...

Wow Cruel that is great to hear you're doin well man. From what I've read; 80 mg of dextropropoxyphene is approximately equipotent to 10 mg of oral morphine. I too am not familiar, but I am an addict. I know how tough this whole process can be and Im glad to hear you found relief for the w/d...........wish I had that. Although in some respects, I am glad for w/d, keeps me from going back. But thats just me, I have to have something to keep me from doing the same action, although it doesnt always work. For now, Im on day 56 and doing great.

Best of luck, keep posting

Good things

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