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My boyfriend and I have been togther for almost a year. I have severe bi-polar disorder and depression for which I am on 17 meds a day. I have been seperated with no intrest in anyone 'till I met him. Homeless in the winter, no car, no job, no family, and no one cared. My heart skipped a beat the first time I saw him, but I had no clue he was such a bad aloholic. He has detoxed bad at least 8 times (convultions and everything) even hospitalized 3 times. I cared for him stayed by him for days as he vomited and shook. Then he'd start drinking again and again. Vodka by the gallon nearly everyday. Yes, it is my fault I enabled him he has no money. Then when I began getting on him to quit he changed. I called the police one night to try to get him out so he could get help but they said that he hadn't actually done anything so they couldn't make him leave. Last night after he threatened me I dumped his fifth and he busted up my dolls I've collected for 20 years. He heckled me for over an hour till I could take no more. So I went to the store wrote a bad check and got more. I just can't go on like this anymore. He is drunk and passed out now but come 5 I will call his brother to come get his things if he doesn't. Thank you for you prayers and advice.

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