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Tired of pills
Nov 4, 2008
I am new here and need some help. I have been taking 6 Norco a day for four years. I am sick of this controlling my life and want to stop. I have decided to taper and figured out a schedule last night. I am very nervous and scared. Does anyone know of a doctor in Denver that I could go to for help with Soboxone? I am not even sure if I should do that either. I have tried to stop this evil drug before only to get so sick and have sleepless nights that I couldn't take it. My husband knows and is by my side, but he can't undestand this anxiety. Please help!
Re: Tired of pills
Nov 5, 2008
Well, I just started tapering last Saturday. I was taking 6 Norco per day. I am taking 5 per day this week, and plan on doing a slower taper than you are doing. Next week, I will take 4.5 per day each day, then 4 per day the next week, and so on. I worked out the schedule last night. I am hoping that by tapering slowly, it won't be so bad, but know in the end, it will be. The anxiety of quitting, I think, is just as bad as quitting. You have the best attitude, I must say. The leg cramps at night really suck. I am going to take Benydryl at night to help me sleep when it gets to where I can't sleep any longer. I work, and can't miss work. You are in my prayers and I wish you all of the strength in the world for tomorrow. I can tell by your words that you are a very strong individual, so you hang in there, and before you know it, you will be free of this terrible drug! Terri
Re: Tired of pills
Nov 5, 2008
Terri for some reason your words brought tears to my eyes. The anxiety of quitting is so strong. My taper I do feel was a little faster than what I had anticipated. I wanted to do this quickly but little did I know how HARD it would be. The pill I took this morning is already wearing off and it was supposed to last 12 hours. My legs are starting to hurt and my shoulders are so tense I can barely sit here any longer. I too HAVE to work. I CAN'T take a day off. Which is what I am so scared of for Friday. Tomorrow may be hard because its the last pill but I think Friday morning will scare me to death when I wake up and KNOW that I can't take that one pill to make the pain go away. My whole body is scared. Thank you for complimenting my attitude.. I am trying really hard right now becuase I know there is no other option for me. I want my life back and this is what I have to do.. I just PRAY so hard that God makes these next few days fly by. I think by Monday I will hopefully stop hurting.. I don't know what to expect after I take that last pill. I think I am going to post a question and ask to see if anyone could tell me what to expect.
Thank you so much for your support and you are so smart to taper.. I think that will help you stay strong and committed to becoming sober.
by the way... what are Norco's? Is that like vicodin?
Terri, THANK you so much for your words and your support.. You have NO IDEA what you have done for me today. You are my angel for today! So God bless you. I will pray for you too. Hang in there and i am here for you from here on out!
~Mrs. Secrets!

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