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well he took what he could get and hes disabled and never leaves the house without me so I know what hes taking and hes never bought anything off the street (other than getting them from my grandmother to help him through the day, which i stopped) - after the fentanyl, no doctor would prescribe him any meds, so when he could get it, it was from the hospital and there would only be a script for 10-20 and he would take 2 every 4-6 hrs so he wouldn't get sick - usually he could make a script last 4 days tops, but sometimes less than a day depending on how bad he hurt

he eventually stopped getting them at all so he started getting 2 a day from my grandma and he'd vomit half the day trying to make it - he had to have 4 upper GIs trying to figure out why he was vomiting blood all the time and it was because he was withdrawing from the percocets and we couldn't figure it out for over a year, eventually his body got used to taking 1-2 daily (which btw, this was never over the 5mg dose) - I'm sure hes on nothing else because theres nothing showing up in his drug tests - we went to the hospital before he got put on suboxone and percocet wasn't even showing up in his system - even the day he went on suboxone it had only been 40 some hours into withdrawals and nothing was in his system on the tests - I'm afraid it could be the other meds hes on (maybe the thorazine) but when he took percocets, he was never tired, he was wired

I guess we'll see tomorrow when we go see the doctor - the suboxone is helping the pain and he says hes not hurting at all, its just him being so out of it that I'm concerned about

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