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Hello Secrets

Way to go, Girl! Way to go.

Just keep taking it day by day, moment by moment if needed. Know that enrgy WILL return, although it takes time. We can help the time be less by doing some things... the most important is to move the body as much as you can. Walk around, take a walk, clean the kitchen... these were things I forced myself to do. The more physical we can push ourselves to be, the quicker the brain finds balance again and energy returns to the body.

The physical tiredness and the mental depression is a natural part of the progression of getting off opiates. Understand this and stay true to the course in knowing it. To help the depression, always stop and decide if it is the depression talking in your head or if it is a true and logical thought. The depression comes because in using the opiates, we let the drug take over some of the brain's function. Now we have to 'fake it until we make it' to get past this depressive phase. Force yourself to smile broadly, force yourself to sing out loud, force yourself to dance around your room. Listen to happy music even if it is the last thing you want to hear. Force yourself to talk to others. Talk to yourself even and chant your mantra. All these things help the br5ain to start producing serotonin and other 'happy' chemicals in our brains naturally. The same as we plod our way through withdrawal, we must plod our way through this depression and lack of energy. With all my heart, I tell you this [U]will[/U] pass.

Everything that is being experienced is all a part of the process of recovery and restoration. Like after fighting the flu we find we have less energy and feel a bit down, withdrawal and recovery is the same.

Secrets, you are so on the road to finding yourself againn and being drug-free and happy. Stay strong.. ask all the questions needed as you walk along. The more knowledge we have about this, the greater our chances of success of overcoming ALL parts of it.

With a smile and a song for you

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