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I am new to this board and I have been poking around reading some of the post and since I decided that I need help I figured I would join this great community and try and kick my addiction. Let me start from the beginning. In May of 2007 I was diagnosed with a testical problem. I was put on a bunch of antibiotics and steriods and oh yeah those little blue devil pills called hydrocodone/lortab. At first I hated taking them because they made me sick so from May 2007 to around September 2007 I only took them when I really could no longer take the pain. Soon after that I was no longer getting sick and liked the way the pills were now making me feel. So from September 2007 to the present which is a little over a year I have been abusing the pills. I have been taking anywhere from 4 to 8 Lortab 10/500 a day. Never more than 8 a day and that has not been many times. I would also like to say that I had a cocaine problem that I kicked on my own over 20 years ago and have not touched it since so I would really like to try and wean myself off of the pills on my own. I have about 50 pills left can anyone suggest what I should start taking starting today to start the weaning process? I also have the week of Thanksgiving off from work so that should help with some of the wd. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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