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Your story makes me so sad because it is so similar to all the others and reminds me a lot of myself.

I have never taken Tramadol. However, my Dr was contemplating putting me on it for my heavy horrible periods.. (I have endometreosis) anyways.. that was my regular dr. and I just told her that I would deal strictly with my gyno on all of those issue's. Anyways.. I spoke to him and he said NO WAY to Tramadol because he said they are more addictive than Vicodin's or Percocets.. SO I have no idea why one dr. thought it would be better and one thought it would be worse.. I didn't think Tramadol was a narcotic that is why I was going to try it.. NOW I KNOW.. Thankfully.. my Gyno had my back because I would have taken them and we all know what would have happened. In terms of getting off of them.. I am not sure what is worse?? I was on Oxycontin twice a day and then percocet on top of that.. Then I weaned down.. I would suggest weaning/tapering down because if you have tried and didn't make it past one day then this would seem to be your next best option.

I totally understand what it's like to take the pills because you have so much to get done.. I used to LOVE the way they made me feel after I took them.. I was like SUPER WOMAN! I was happy, funny, productive, flirtatious (to my hubby) and i just felt like a million bucks. At first that is how i felt.. Then after a while I was chasing that high and could never have it back the way it was at first... Then I was warding off the w/d... I was a slave to my bottle as well.....

I still think to myself that if my Dr. would have kept on given them to me.. I would have kept taking them.. However, I had a strong snap and asked to be weaned down... then I followed thru. i am very happy with what I have done so far.

Be strong.. You are worth it. Sounds like you have legitimate pain to deal with.. Maybe it's time to wean down to what you are supposed to be taking.. I assume your Dr does not want you taking 30 a day i dont know though.I am contemplating what to do about the legitimate pain I have.. Right now.. I am suffering in pain because I used to get vicodin for my cycles.. now I guess I look at this as my punishment for abusing meds... That may not be a good way to look at it but it's honest.

Maybe you could be honest with your Dr and tell them that you NEED the meds but are starting to have addictive issue's with them. Maybe they could change some things around... Just brain storming...

Hang in there.... Stick around!
Wow... I had no idea when I started taking these that it would be a problem, like I mentioned before I was told they would be safer than taking Percocet or Vicodin because they are "non-narcotic". But I had built up such a tolerance to Vicodin & Percocet I had to take a lot of the Tramadol to get any sort of relief. But seizures? Crap! I've just let it get so out of hand. I am scared to death to think something could happen to me while I'm alone with the kids. My husband and 2 older kids leave early in the morning and I get the 2 little ones off to daycare before I go to work. What if something happened then? They are only 2 1/2 and 6 mos. It scares me to think about what they would do by themselves. How long could they be by themselves before anyone checked on them? All day?

Thank you for the wake up call Lou1, I need to hear the truth, now I just need to figure out what I am going to do about it! Is tapering off the only thing I can do? Can I take Suboxene?

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