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Thanks for the welcome. I have been so tired I've been falling asleep almost daily at my desk for hours while working and nearly nodding off while driving several times. It didn't occur to me that it was the suboxone because the doc I'm seeing said he didn't think it would make me that tired, maybe slightly but not the extreme that I'm experiencing. Mostly people report the opposite - that they have insomnia. Not me, I fall asleep instantly and stay asleep all night. I underwent a sleep study last week to see if I have sleep apnea - I do snore - but I haven't gotten the results yet. In the meantime it occurred to me that it could be the suboxone. I'm normally an ambitious energetic person before the pain killers got out of hand and initially the suboxone didn't make me tired at all. I've been on it for a couple of months now.
OMG! I am just sitting here wondering if this is normal or not. i can barely keep my eyes open. i am going to the doctor to talk to him, i know i can not go on like thisl i have only been on the sub for about two weeks, he told me before it should ease off, but I can't keep doing this, here i am at work nodding out!! it's awful. if i am busy i am fine, but sitting at a desk and doing paperwork is not going to make it. how long have you been on it and how much do you take?? i'm sure i'll talk to you soon, good luck, anne
it's pretty amazing how quickly and how easy this stuff gets a hold of you. i have done vics on and off for years but usually got off of them before it was too much work. this time has been really tough so i went to the doctor. i am totally amazed at how crappy you do NOT feel on the sub, but don't like the tired / nodding out feeling plus i get the "jerks". anyone else get those? do you know how long that will last? have you ever done suboxine before? and do you know the difference of suboxine and methadone? i'm open to any advice if you have it. thanks so much.
I am glad to hear that you are recovering and any progress in the fight against addiction is good progress. On the subject of your fatigue it seems to me like you are on a fairly high dose of suboxone. I find that it does not take a high dose to work for me. Before I began using suboxone I was regulary taking 2 OC 80s a day for a long period of time. When I began my treatment the doctor put me on 2 8mg suboxone a day, while this definetly helped my recovery and limited any withdrawls I may have had it was def. too much. I found myself dosing and nodding off just the same as if I was using again. Needless to say i lowered the dose eventualy and it was better. I did have a relapse however and went right back to using 2 OC 80s a day, when I wnet back on suboxone this time I began my treatment with 4mg of suboxone a day and it worked wonders, no longer did I doze off and nod out, I simply felt fine and back to normal. I strongly believe that often times people are prescribed way too much. If you are worried that cutting your dose will not be effective than think of my situation, I am 6'5 and 225 pounds and averaged 160mg of oxycontin a day, from what I have heard one vicodin or percocet is equal to about 5mg of OC so if you do the math then I was taking the equivelant of about 32 percocet or vicodin a day and 4mg of suboxone was perfectly fine for me.

So in closing I suggest that maybe you decrease what your current dosage is and see what happens, of course I dont recomend doing this without consulting your doctor first. Good luck and keep us posted.

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