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Your situation is very familiar to me. I have had stomach pain for years and been addicted to pain killers since 2003. I am day 6 Sober......The pain may be worse in your mind then it actually is, but your body screams out for the drugs over small amts of pain. Im not saying you dont have it, but you may be able to control it with less medication if you can kick the addiction. I started on Suboxone Monday and am doing great and Im already feeling more in control of my situation. I started out like you did and recently found myself taking sometimes more then 20 percocet or vicodin in a day. But it started years ago with, "whats a few pills gonna hurt". Ive lost one job, but I am stopping the cycle before i lose my family and my career. You can do this, not for your husband or even your kids, but you need to do this for you. Coming on here was a first step towards recovery. I was new here a couple weeks ago and I already feel like a different person, but im still a recovering addict and that will never change. I would talk to your doctor who writes your narcotic scripts about Soboxone, but you have to be totally honest with them if you want help. I think most doctors when you tell them of your addiction and want to quit, are happy to help you out. Keeping this a secret must be eating you up inside. You might need to go public with them though for the support you may need, so you might want to try to prepare for that. I hope this helps at least a little. but NO, YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE.....and welcome, best of luck to you!

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