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so i have been addicted to vics for about a year now. i started taking them for back pain i got them from a friend who still takes the regularly now. i was up to 20 to 30 a day as i stated with 2 a day almost a year ago.i found my whole life depending on the pills. if i had to work in the morning i needed to make sure i got the the night before or else omg how would i make it. i wasnt a good mother or wife ever though high i thought i was super woman and could do it all . when in reality i was ruining my life and the ones who truly love me also. last week i decieded enough was eough was enough. have 10 days to give my daughter a good xmas and return to be the loving caring wife nd mother i once was before these evil pills came in to my life ( or before i brought them there)anyways i got some suboxone from a friens who had taken them to detox from heroin i am on a 5 day plan this is day 3 and i feel wonder ful. my 1 day i took 1 8 mg pill as soon as i stated feeling the wds set in about 18 house after my last does of vics. day 2 apox 24 hrs sfter the first sub i took another 8 mg. i ended up feelin sick and having the worst migrain i have ever felt in my life so i decied to cut it in half to day. i woke up today feeling the best i have in a year i cleaned my house i spent time with my daughter and husband real time, quality time then at about 6 pm i took 4mg sub it didnt feel like anything tomorrow as long as i feel this great i will talk 2 mg then 1 mg then be done. for me so far this is the best wd treatment plan, a close friend of mine is doing this with me and it is working i know something diff works for everyone but if you are really ready to kick your habbit, dont use sub as a replacment if you dont need it . if thats what helps you then do that but if you just need something to deal with the wds try this 5 day plan then u dont have to worry about kicking the suboxone.i still have some chils and sweats and achs and pains but nothing compared to cold turkey god bless the ones strong enough for that but for me this is the next best step. thank you for reading my baballing you all have helped me i have been reading all these messages for the last week sence i decied to do this and all of you words helped let me know this was the right thing to do please let me know what you think or ay ? thank you

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