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Do you know if your addict-friend is taking the suboxone? Do you see him put it in his mouth? The reason I am asking this is because Suboxone can be sold on the street and the money used to buy heroin, vicodin-- whatever the addict wants.

If a person is faithfully taking suboxone, then the vicodin will have no effect on pain or well-being. The suboxone blocks all of the opiate effects of other drugs. It does this by binding tightly to the opiate receptors in the spinal cord and brain. It binds so tightly that it will knock other opiates off of the receptors; hence, suboxone is usually prescribed when the addict is in withdrawal. Opiates cannot knock it off the receptor site after it has attached. That is what makes it a good medicine to start recovery.

I'm sorry that you have having such a tough time. One of the ugly truths of addiction is that it is a very selfish disease. He must be the one to take the first step: admitting that he has a problem, that his life is out of control, and that he needs help. Once he admits that he has a problem then he must accept that he can't do it on his own. He will find all or most of the help he needs through counseling, sites like this one, and other recovering addicts. I hope and pray that he reaches this point. Each and every addict that I know in recovery has to come to grips with acceptance. It is critical before recovery can start.

Good luck, and stay in touch. Keep posting.


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