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Hello Bill

I am sorry to read of the distress here. I know it is a frightening feeling believing that a drug will forever control the life. Please, in truth there is no reason whatsoever to give up and throw in the towel. I did not withdraw from Suboxone, but from Oxycodone and then Xanax. WHile each is different in our experiences, believe me when I tell you I know withdrawal at its supreme worst. I truly do not know any known symptom that I did not endure. But you know what? I did endure and I am drug free, clean and happy today. It took a year for me to be totally withdrawn and symptom free, but it was possible. I educated myself by reading and re-reading this board for hours and hours and reading anything I could get my hands on to educate myself about withdrawal from opiates and benzos.

Suboxone does have an opiate in it so withdrawal is going to be experienced without a doubt to some degree. How slowly we taper has much to do with our ability to withstand the symptoms and to perservere. It is my understanding that Sub serves a wonderful purpose for some. It buys the time for us to straighten out and change the way we view drugs and how we handle this issue in our lives. During tapering for me, I had much worjk to do to change my thinking. It was much more than just "Don't do drugs." We pretty much figure that one out on our own eaerly on. We need to discover the why of our abuse and misuse, and to resolve the buried issues. This takes time and the use of Sub is a way for some to gain this time.

Learn, ;earn, learn all you can about how to counter the tough symptoms. And let the Sub work for you as you do this.

All best wishes

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