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You definately got to get you some sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause you so many problems. NOt to mention losing your mind in the process. If your doctor won't help you find another one. I know from experience there have been times when I would go weeks on end with out a full nights rest. I'm talking 1 or 2 hours a night. My doctor told me that our body's actually do go into sleep cycles even if we aren't aware of it. So you are probably nodding off and just to exasted to feel it. There has to be something going on with you medically but mental stress will do it to you to. Other than prescribed sleeping pills, which help, I would try yoga. There are alot of benefits to getting into yoga. They teach you methods of relaxation and it work. There's a guy on oxygen channel, Steve Ross is the guys name, he has a show on at 5 o'clock in the morning and another one at 7 am. Check your listings, but anyway if nothing else is helping it is definately worth a shot. "inhale" is the shows name. You will enjoy it and I guarantee this guy will calm you and help you find your inner strength. Hope you rest soon.

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