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thankyou for makeing this a thread. I dont think i am able to start new threads bc i am new. i will be honest. i did not disscuss this with a doctor. I do have my familys support in quiting. I didnt exactly get these leagally. meaning i didnt have a prescribition. i read other peoples posts and saw that you have been on here a while and been helping people with addictions. i tried to add you as a friend but i wasnt sure how. I am still free of valuim. things are a little better today. I Read the advice on how to quit cold turkey. i cant hold down food, but i got insure today. i took 2 percocets when i got up. i could only sleep for 4 hours today. I tried to take anthor percocet 5 hours later but I got sick, I had some insure and just been trying to read. thankyou for your help and advice
you should start be tapering down slowly like with any addiction if you do it too fast you can get very sick. If you are to embarased to talk to a Dr. then this and other sites are your best bet. The thing with percs is that it's not only th withdrawls symptoms that are bad it's all the emotional crap that is so hard to deal with also. Where you taking them by mouth or crushing and snorting them like some do I think that way might be a little harder to get off. Many have quite and they are no better or worse hten you. We all have the ability, just remember that it will be one of the hardest battles you will ever go thru and you will more hten likely stumble, but as long as you keep trying,, you wont fail. My husband got offf crack coccain. If he can get offf that crap, you can get off the pills. Best of luck, you will be in my prayers.

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