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I came off Xanax and Oxycodone. My plan with my doctors actually was oppostie from yours... off the opiate first and then from the benzo. Truthfully, although we each must work out the plan that is best for us, coming off the opiate first seems more logical to me. As we withdraw from the opiate (for you Percocet), the benzo (for you, Valium) is still there to help us through. Also, withdrawal from a benzo needs to be slow, slow and steady.

Am I assuming incorrectly when I think you are doing this on your own and without a doctor's imput? It sure can feel like something we just cannot face in even considering telling a doctor our secrets like this, but I speak from experience when I tell you that it is one of the most productive things we can do. We are self-medicating when we abuse drugs or make our own decisions on how to stop them. Either way we are attempting to prescibe to ourselves. Not a lecture here, just experience gained in my own journey.

There is no way we alone can overcome drug abuse by sheer willpower. It takes a village of people to help us through it... family friends, professionals, and lots and lots of learning and understanding. It is not something to jump into.. takes a lot of planning and steps.

It is so achieveable and there is every reason to believe... to [U]know[/U]... that our lives can be totally restored and even greatly better.

Please. don't try to do this in an isolated way. Share not only with this supportive board, but also with real live people who can help you greatly as you progress.

With all best wishes and tons of hope

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