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Am I addicted
Jan 3, 2009
I am new to this topic on Healthboards and I need some opinions. I have an artificial disk in my neck, had that surgery in 04' took percocet for awhile and stopped, my neck and arm nerve pain finally subsided about 1-1/2 years after surgery and I was doing well. Fast forward Aug.05' and was rear ended by a big truck. Had ongoing low back pain and leg pain (chronic=everyday) had epidurals, PT, nothing helped. Surgeon prescribed Hydrocodone in Dec. 07' I was taking twice a day to make it thru the day. It is a miserable way to get thru life with back pain everyday, MISERABLE. I have also read that chronic pain damages the brain, even when sleeping the brain is firing and is not truly at rest, etc.

I had microdiskectomy in March 08'. Horrible excruciating pain after surgery. It has been nine months, the pain is getting much better, but now have arthritis in my facet jonts. I had the nerves burned (killed) in Nov. the pain down my leg and hip is better, but still pain. I take hydrocodone, one in the morning and one about 4pm, sometimes only one per day. It helps the pain and helps me function, go walking etc. Back surgery and chronic pain is horrible. I thought the pain pills are for exactly that, people in pain, like myself. They really do help me make it through the days. With this small dose (IMO) am I addictied to Hydrocodone?
It is the 5-500m.? Unfortunatly, back surgery did not completely work for me, better but still pain. In addition, I wrenched my back the other day and now have new pain down the other leg. Isn't pain meds for people like me and what are my dangers of becoming addicted. I have about 10 pills left, and after reading all this, I may stop and if I do will I have withdrawels? And will my pain get worse?

Thank you in advance for any opinions and advise.

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