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Addicted to norco
Jan 4, 2009
I have knee pain from a surgery gone bad about ten years ago. I have been on vicodin, lortab and now norco for about the last 3 years as my age increases and my pain was getting worse over the years and switching between advil and tylenol was not working anymore. I told my doctor i was worried about the amount of tylenol i was putting through my liver and he put me on vicodin and so on. Now I am getting to the point where i can't sleep at night. I get dizzy spells and seems as if i can't take a full breath. I also suffer from anxiety.This all starts to happen at night. My nasal passages tighten up ears get plugged, and eyes turn grey and are dry. Is this from the norco? I am also chewing tobacco, a can a day with the norco for added effect. I have been chewing for a long time but with the meds it increases the effect. I am going in to work tired most of the time. I recently started taking advil PM (only half a dose) so i could sleep at night and its working but i don't want to take more pills to cover the norco side effects. I am not taking more than prescribed 8 pills / 24 hours but i think the meds are catching up with me. If anyone else has had these issues i would love to hear some feedback. I would love to quit these pills and have done it before but had to deal with the pain so went back on 'em. I know the hell involved with detoxing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hemi
I went to my Dr. and he said I have anxiety and put me on 50mg zoloft. Iv'e been on the zoloft for a week and last night was the first night I didn't have to take a sleeping pill to go to bed. Something else I did was I cut out the diet pop yesterday. I am wondering if this has anything to do with it. I drink probably 2 litres of diet soda in a day every day.

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