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Hey guys!

I was hoping some of you could answer a question for me... I have a family member who is an alcoholic and I am wondering what withdrawel symptoms an alcoholic would go thru if they quit cold turkey?

Any information would be helpful! It's my father that has the drinking problem. He drinks everyday after work. He probably drinks 6-12 beers a night. On weekends it's usually more. However, there are days when he does not drink at all.. Usually not more than one day passes that he doesn't drink... He does not get mean or anything like that... It does not affect him going to work.. His bills get paid but his health is starting to suffer now and I really want to try to help him with this issue. He has refused AA or anything like that.. Just wondering what he would go thru if he couldn't drink for a few days.

After years of this abuse on his liver it does concern me. I do understand addiction now a lot more after going thru all of this with my own addiction. A person can't force another person to do anything but I figure if I gain some more knowledge on this it would help.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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