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Hi Dallas.

So you're going to go to in-patient rehab. That's great. I think that you will love it.

I've been doing out-patient rehab for about 80 days now. I am over 60 days clean from my drug of choice. I went on suboxone therapy at the start of rehab to help with withdrawals, and it worked well for me. Additionally, the program that I am currently working has also made an incredible difference. I can see how the addiction has morphed itself into who I am and everything I do.

I should have gone to rehab a long time ago. I tried to quit and stay clean with the use of these boards and nothing else, but it didn't work for me. About 4 months was the longest that I have had in sobriety. I needed to be around some people who had more and less clean time, people who have experienced what I have, people who care about me and my sobriety. It is amazing to me that there are people out there who do care. All one needs to do is attend a few NA or AA meetings and listen carefully. There are loving people everywhere who want to help.

I was stubborn in my addiction. I wanted to be strong and do it on my own. I'm sure their are many who make it using raw willpower, but I'm not a member of that group. My only chance is to be a part of NA and out-patient therapy. The knowledge that I will take with me is invaluable. This time, when the program is over, I will be ready. Support systems are being put into place to make sure that I stay clean, just for today. Tommorrow will take care of itself.

Good luck. I hope to hear more about your journey off of the methadone and in rehab. You are strong. You are making the right choices. You WILL make it.


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