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I have had a knee condition since I was a junior in high school. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong until I was 23. By that time, the condition was so bad that there were 2 options, pain management or total knee replacement in both knees. Feeling that I was to young for knee replacement, I chose pain management. Worst mistake of my life! They kept me on hydrocodine for 2 years straight. I began seeing a new doctor because of insurance changes. I told him I was interested in other options because of addiction. By this time my husband and myself were already addicted. He suggested Ultram because "it is non narcotic and not addictive" Yeah, right. I was on the Ultram for 3 months, then the doctor decided that he wouldn't treat me anymore unless I got the knee replacements. So I was forced into withdrawal from the Ultram. The very first day without it, I had a mental breakdown. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted from 2 1/2 years on all the pain meds. My father, a recovering addict and counselor forced me to just deal with all the withdrawal. Needless to say, my family put me on suicide watch. This was the worst time of my life because I had always been very happy and active and had never had a problem with drugs.
Still refusing the surgery, every now and then I have had to go 2 weeks at a time on pain meds, and the withdrawals aren't that bad like that. I know that this might sound silly but the best cure for my withdrawals has been the 5 hour energy drink. It actually has a lot of ingredients that are in wd recipes. It restores my energy and helps me focus. It also (helps) with body aches.
It will not help everyone though, my husband is just now trying to get off the pain meds. and we are going to the health store to get higher doses of the vitamens and amino acids because the drink doesn't help him enough.
My heart truly goes out to each one of you because these drugs have truly changed my life and for most people addiction to pain meds. does not start out the same way as with other drugs. I begged for something to help that was not addictive because I grew up with drugs. But there was just not anything strong enough that wasn't addictive.

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