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Hi Erica,
I agree with the others about your boyfriend opening up and telling a doctor he trusts about his addiction. One that he feels comfortable with where he won't feel the dr. is going to judge him.
Believe me, addiction to opiates is such an epidemic in this world that it does not surprise doctors anymore.

Your boyfriend is going to have some very uncomfortable withdrawal from the opiates if he suddenly stops them. He needs supervison and advice from a doctor about it. PLUS you don't know if what the dr. is going to prescribe him as an antideppresent if it's going to coincide with the opiates.

I am a recovering addict now for 9 years and on methadone for that long. I tried to stop an opiate on my own but it is a very difficult task symptom wise.
I wasnt' even on the opiates as long as your boyfriend was and couldn't handle the detox symptoms without assistance.
I DO NOT want to sound discouraging, because everyone's bodies are different.
I had to enter myself into a hospital for them to get me thru the hard time of detoxing. they didn't give me methadone, but things to help my body go thru the detox. then I was directed from a social worker to a methadone clinic which saved my life.

I am now clean all these years and do not at all want to ever get high.
I was self medicating the pain I was feeling inside my mind and body.

I am now on an anti anxiety medication for G.A.D. ( general anxiety disorder) (google this)
it's not the anxiety where you have panic attacks.
it effects the central nervous system as well as all your organs including your brain, which you worry about every single thing under the sun to the point you can't rest your thoughts.
A dr. who diagnosed it said i"d probably had it since teenhood, which he was correct when all my problems started happening after I looked back.
I was in my early 40's when diagnosed with the G.A.D. plus bipolar illness too and post traumatic stress disorder, you name it, I have it.

I must have been in denial just like so many other people who are self medicating to make themselves feel better and to take away their internal pain. I'm not justifying his actions for abusing drugs.
but lets face it. Addiction does not make a person bad. not at all.
I see it that the person wants to feel good inside.
as long as he's taking those opitates, his own natural endorphines will not work to make his own self happy like it's intended to.

He will need help in the beginning with seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist so he can get on the anti depressents and or anti anxiety med's.

I am SO glad i did. I am a new woman now, the type of woman that was there all along but hidden in her fear and stupor from doing drugs and drinking.

try to console your boyfriend that his life will be much better in the long run which he sounds like he's ready to make the move on getting his life back.
he needs to learn about addiction and what's going to take place in his body and mind and life during the phrase he is quitting opiates.

I really wish him well. I know everything will be alright, especially since he has such a wonderful girlfriend who cares so much about him to come here and ask advice about him.

you're wonderful.

good luck,


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