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Hello, I am new to this group, but I have been lurking for about a week.

Long story short... I was injured on September 1st and ended up with 3 bulging discs and a bone spur at the C5-C7 level in my neck. I'm not going to tell you how I got injured because you may hurt yourself laughing, but I experienced a new level of pain that I never thought a person could achieve. Breaking my foot or ripping the ligaments in my ankle when it was bent backwards lost their level 10 position and dropped to a level 4 pain. I spent 6 weeks in bed and was put on Lyrica (50 mg/day - I increased to 150 mg/day), Cymbolta (60 mg), Skelaxin (800 mg 3x/day), and good ole Percocet (10/325 4x/day, but increased to 6x/day).

Four months later I woke up one day pain free. Go figure!! Don't know why, but I'm not complaining!!! I still have nerve problems, but no pain. I started tapering down off of most of the drugs about a week afterward once I was sure it wasn't some sort of fluke or I found out that I was dreaming. I keep taking the Lyrica because it stops the ringing in my ears (cool unexpected side effect), also I'm still taking the Cymbolta, because it makes the assh*les in the world more tolerable. I stopped the Skelaxin completely and for the last 3+ weeks I have been down to one Percocet a day. Even at the one-a-day level, I'm having moderate withdrawal symptoms throughout the day and especially at night (extreme chills, goosebumps, anxiety and agitation, hot flashes where I sweat in buckets, stomach muscle shivers and contractions (these are the most annoying) and involuntary leg movements).

Not realizing what I was doing and w/o doctor's advice, last week I tried going cold turkey and spent the worst 50 hours of my life! I broke after 50 hours and went back on the Percocet. Yesterday the Pain Management doctor told me that he doesn't handle [I]long term pain management[/I] and he basically said I was on my own when I asked about what I could do about my withdrawal symptoms (that should be criminal!). I absolutely dread going back into the withdrawal stage, but I know I will eventually [B][U]have[/U][/B] to do it. So, I'm at Day Zero and trying for Day One.

The best part is I have full support from my wife and family once I do decide to detox. My wife helped me during my 50 hour episode and gave up sleep after working an 11 hour day to help me cope with the withdrawals. I don't want to put her through that if I can help it.

Questions, questions, questions! Boy, do I have questions. The biggest question I have is what are the physical/physiological/psychological dangers of going cold turkey other than the [U]extreme[/U] discomfort, massive mental and physical craving and my inability to climb walls adequately? Is there anything dangerous that I need to be aware of? Are people capable of going from 10 mg/day of Oxycodone to 0 mg/day, or am I kidding myself thinking it's achievable? The various drug councilors that I talked to yesterday, as well as my family doctor recommend tapering down even further before I try to drop it completely. Will the withdrawals be any less severe going to 0 mg from 2.5 mg or 1.25 mg? Or, will the withdrawals be basically the same? My HMO plan wanted me to do the 5-day, in-house detox, but I'm sure they are talking about using Suboxone as a substitute and I'm not going that route if I can help it. Any help or education would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post - I love to write. :-) Thanks!

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