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[FONT="Book Antiqua"]hey lifesabitch-:wave:

i am hoping this will help you- i tried to cover all the areas of detox and what i did to get through.

i have been taking methadone for 12 1/2-13 years, and i am 24. i have severe chronic pain, and so i know how much detox sucks...ive done it 4 times.

i honestly have never just detoxed from methadone alone, but about 13 months ago i detoxed at home from 90 mgs of methadone and 80 of oxycodone together. thank god i had my mother to help me. look this over.

first on the med stand point- this is what we used to get me though that hell.

each day i would cut down 5 mgs. the best way to detox at home is to have someone monitoring your medication, because otherwise, i would have eaten that whole bottle as fast as i could. go around your house and pull out all the pills you have hidden or that you left in a backpack or that have fallen under your bed. even though it really really really sucks, (and belive me i wish i had left some somewhere....but it helped me in the end...i PROMISE...) it is what you need to do if you want to stop.

i could not sleep, unless i just passed out from my pain in my leg (i have chronic pain and am a cancer suvivor), so occasionally i would take nyquil...that also had to be monitored with me, because i would have chugged it. also, make sure there is no alchol in your house, and if you do have any, make sure someone has it in a safe place. when i could eat, my mom gave me a glass of wine every once in a while....just to take the edge off. even though i threw it up....damn it was good for those 15 minutes.

i have a friend that lives in la, - she helped me by telling me things she did to detox at home alone. she was basically bed ridden for 15 years, and then she tried suboxen, which saved her. she was/ is on half or one mg. of it....and when i went into detox and tried it, iwas on the highest dose possible for my size (42 mgs), and it didnt do anything for me pain wise or craving wise. but you never know, it might work for you- so if you can, give it a covers it in some states. its worth a shot.


eating, obviously SUCKS when you are in detox. she gave me this recipe for beef broth, and several veggies that are stewed and mushy so you can just swallow them almost and still get all the nutrients you need. it worked wonders...gave me strength and tasted good, and also gave me calories, vitamins, sodium, ect. i can get the recipie for you if you want.

i was eating anything sugary that i could- i would eat a box of little debbie honey buns in 15 minutes....the whole box. sometimes 2. the thing i found that worked the best were these nature valley yougurt covered granola bars. they stayed down because they were not heavy (even though they seem like it) and they give you that rush you need. i do not recomend eating straight gives you a headache after about 20 minutes. atleast it did me. i loved it and i still did it and i ended up making things worse, even though i was feeling better for that short time. i have cavaties from eating sugar and sugary things constantly for 8 months, and i never did before.
any type of soup worked for me, as well as triscuts, wheat thins, and even sweet potatoes. random, i know.

i also was vomiting sporatically- the cramps were not too bad because i had a heating pad. if you use one, watch out for when you fall asleep and have it on....i got a pretty bad burn from that. something called a hydroculator (which you can get at a drug store...its put in the microwave and feels like a hot wet towel....that work but i hated it when i was sweating) the baths worked great for me at this point too....epsom salt and even eucalyptus or lavender oil helped soothe my skin and my nerves.

the yawning- i have no way to help with that---dayquil helps with the body aches and the runny nose. that also had to be monitered with me.

the normal constipation is not a problem. haha (its not funny i know). if you cut down right, you dont have the problem with going the bathroom in an uncontrolable manner. i did have diareah (sp?), but other than that, detoxing correctly made it bearable. THANK GOD!

for my sweating/chills/slight fevers/whatever, i sat in luke warm showers/ baths for 30 to 45 minutes every so many hours when needed. after, i patted down myself with baby makes the sticky feeling not so present when you get back into bed and start sweating later.
i stayed in thin clothing, even though i was freezing and then so hot i couldn't stand it....but it made it easier for my skin to breathe. socks didnt help me, although my feet felt frozen, but that it where most of your bodies heat/ toxins escape (i have been told), so i tired to avoid them whenever i could. i had heavy blankets and thin jersey sheets that i kicked off and bundeled up in whenever i wanted.

for me- watching lots of movies (none with drugs, alchol, obviously...or even ciggarettes, seeing that i am a smoker), helped occupy my mind even when i was trying to fade off into a non-frusterating sleep. that made it easier to focus on something else. reading was out of the question for me, but i drew when i could.

for the nausea, compazine (if you can be perscribed it) works well but made me very confused and hallucinagetic, and not in a good way.
natural options are ginger tea, which warms you up when you are in that freezing mode, ginger pills, mint anything, including the mint candies which also give you that sugar fix. there is also this thing called queeze ease that you can get at homeiopathic stores and some pharmacies, that smells of mint that you just run under your nose and it works great.

i am getting tired and so i hope this has helped a bit. let me know if you get any relife from this advice and if you need any other questions answered that i can not think of right now. i dont know when you posted this question. i just saw it and was compelled to tell you what i did. if you have already gone through it- good job- its hard and it sucks and i hate the fact anyone that just doesnt want to hurt has to feel it.



oh p.s.
make sure you brush and rinse your mouth out because the lack of siliva with methadone in general, but also detox, can increase the risk of/and cause cavaties, tooth decay, and gingivitus. that helped me a lot, seeing my mom is a dental hygenist.

i hope i helped.


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