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Hi everyone.
I chose to come on the board this morning because I myself am hurting emotionally and physically from dropping down on my methadone last week.

I went on methadone to help me stop the withdrawals from snorting heroin many years ago. I'm in a treatment plan.
I thought that by sniffing a little heroin wouldn't get me addicted as it would by shooting it which I told myself i"d never do. Little did I know the horrendous addiction this drug causes.

I entered through my local hospital ER with bad vital signs, because you must be warned that just detoxing on your own for some people can be dangerous, depending on your health conditions if any.

They admitted me and made me comfortable by giving me non addictive sleeping medication so I could at least get a good nights sleep which I hadn't had in a while when I tried to detox on my own at home.

I suffered horribly and felt like i was going to die. I couldn't even get out of bed to go to the bathroom I felt so weak and couldnt even make myself a cup of coffee to try to get out of bed. there was no one living with me at the time to help me. That's when I knew I needed to get proffesional help.
no one on this earth would understand how painful and uncomfortable detoxing or going cold turkey on your own is unless you've experienced it yourself.

they let me stay there for one week.
upon discharge plan, they sent a social worker to speak to me about my future plans and I asked to be sent to a methadone clinic, which I wished someone had told me i"d only be trading one physically addicting drug for another.
only this one would be legal and dispensed by nurses. some people chose not to go with the plan and work against it which is only their loss, but for me personally, I wanted to get my life back together and be the woman I used to be before I did drugs.
I am warning others to really think about their options as far as what your plans will be when you get discharged from the hospital.
You can get through the detox in a hospital setting more comfortably than your own home by assisting you with different medications and rest.

you're lucky you no longer need the pain medication. I wish I didn't need any, because I have chronic pain all the time. I feel it worst when my 20 mgs. of methadone starts wearing off by late afternoon.
I want with all my heart to get off this methadone, but every time i drop down five mgs. which I do about every 4 months apart, not every week or every few days, because that would simply be setting myself up for horrible withdrawal.
one has to be determined and ready to really understand what your body is going through when you're detoxing.

the doctor understands very well that your body is going to become depenedent on a drug if you're prescribed pain medications, but most don't warn their patients.
my own personal feelings are, I think doctors who prescribe these medicaitons should warn their patients about the potential possibility of what's going to take place and guide them for help when they have to come off the med's rather than let the patient feel guilty and full of remourse that they've become addicted to something they never intended.

do you know how many people I've come across at my methadone clinic who became addicted to prescribed pain medicaitons???? It's an epidemic in this country and no one is doing anything about it!

Its' not the patients fault, like so many think it is. the body physically becomes dependent on them. our MINDS might not want it, but the body screams out in pain for it when it's not given it.

so I wish you the best Denon with your treatment plan and I think you're a very wise man to seek help from experts who know how to treat this epidemic and as far as your wife goes, she sounds like a wonderful mate and cares enough for the very best for you. she sees what you're going through and doesn't like to see you suffer.
before you know it, this will all be behind you and I promise you this, you will NEVER forget it.

I know I never will.

best wishes and a speedy recovery. You're going to get through this. I know you will.



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