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flimba Welcome to the group.

You are in a position that I hope I never have to be in. I'm still dependent and doing whatever I can to get off of Percocet. Someone asked me, "What would you do if you hurt yourself again and needed the pain medication. Who you take it?" I really had to think about that. What [I]would[/I] I do? When I originally injured my neck I would have taken anything to relieve the pain. It was the worst pain of my life. Although I do not have pain today, I know I'm on borrowed time before it happens again. The injury is still there, but the inflammation of the nerve bundle has subsided. Its just a matter of time before I go through it all over again, or when my L5-L6 problem raises its ugly head.

The withdrawals that I am going through right now are horrendous, and I'm now tapering down. I tried cold turkey and I couldn't do it. But, between the pain and the drugs, I would rather be pain free and be able to life a normal life. I would choose to be drug free and pain free.

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