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i am currently in your situation, except my husband does know what i do and have been doing..ill break it down for ya..
im a mom of 2 WONDERFUL kids, a four year old and an eight year old. they both have lots of activities almost every evening, and my husband works a more than full time job with a schedule that sounds like yours. So basically i do most of everything on my own, but he is very loving and understnding about my addiction. I myself am so sick and tired of being the way i am.
Have you thought about talking with your sig other about your addiction? You would be surprised about how understanding loved ones can be about this type of stuff. my husband is the type who never even takes an asprin really, is dealing with tendonitis (sp??) in his elbow on his own..but when he found out about my problem he was surprisingly supportive of me.
Anyways, my advice to you, right or not, is to get back on the suboxone, and taper with your doc. you might have some withdrawals, but im sure not nearly as bad as what you are going thru right now..
wish me luck tho, im on my way to suboxone, to at least gain some of my life back!
i wish you the best of luck on any pathh you take!

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