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Interesting that I came across ur message first thing after registering. My history as far as the last 2 years and the way I feel about myself, the fact I'm quitting all of the sudden etc.... Is almost identical to ur situation. I know a lot about Suboxone. I have a long history with the abuse of drugs, almost all major/popular drugs. I have a long and interesting story. I'd like to talk to you more if ur open to it. I think we may both be able to share our stories and hopefully learn something from each other. I know exactly what you mean about feeling ashamed and not having any friends to talk to really. Even if you can talk to somebody such as a girlfriend, wife, family member or just someone who cares about you, they just don't get it unless they've been there. They try to understand but they can't. A person has to have gone through an experience to understand it on the level you or I wish they could. Anyways. Stick to it. It will be HELL but u have gone a bit without any. It will get better soon and you will feel soooo much better in every way in a matter of weeks. You have got to have self control. That is the key and I know how hard it is. That cravings just taking over your every thought. I have been through it. I have quit before as well as quitting Heroin and other drugs several times, cold turkey. Absolute HELL. I have always used Cocaine when using Heroin. Speedballs where my favorite thing to do. I stay clean for a year or two then slip back into it. I haven't touched that shit in over 3 years now but I slipped back into pain killers. Started with Percocets and started moving up. Same as before. I started shooting up OC's even shooting up Vodka lol. Got a DUI that day. I realized the track I was on would end up leading to Heroin once again and got on Suboxone at that point. I have been using Suboxone for over a year now and am in the process of quitting. It's weird and sad. I seriously use about 0.5 mg or LESS per day and am trying to do less and less. It has been rough but it's working. I have to quit this week and will. I am going to take my last dose any day.... Even tho what I've been doing for weeks, even months now, (doing less and less) weening myself off, I know there has to be a day where I do take my last dose. Quit. I am prescribed a large dose of Xanax so that has helps of course. There are some other things that help with the symptoms you (and I) will experience. It will still be terribly uncomfortable and it will REALLY mess with ur head. Just remind yourself IT IS TEMPORARY, ur not going insane, and that it will start to get better and the pain will end soon. Then just stay smart, stay clean. I know its easier said than done. I am a hypocrite. I am aware of that. That's what people gotta do though to get clean and stay clean. Hit me up if you want to talk any further about this. Hope to hear from you or ANYBODY who would like to talk. Good luck

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