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Welcome to the group sninnyboy. I just recently became drug-free and I had a difficult time at the very end. I was on Percocet and going from 60 mg/day oxycodone down to 10 mg/day went fairly easy, but going from 10 mg to 5 mg was much more difficult and it was a nightmare going below 5 mg/day. There will be others who will tell you about their Suboxone experience, but my biggest problem was I tapered down too fast. Your body expects a certain amount of drug every day and you have to give it a little less, then let your body get used to it and then drop again. Most people suggest 10% at a time and to cut your pills into pieces and near the end of your tapering you'll be taking crumbs. You will still experience w/d's after your last crumb. These drugs are nasty!! Just don't be a dummy like me and taper too fast. I finally went cold turkey 7 days ago when I dropped to 2.5 mg/day and with the help of some Valium it took the edge off of the withdrawals and I could sleep at night.

Let us know how you do.

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