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I have a question about taking percocet's & vicodin's. How many is to many to take at one time?

My bf has a tooth that needs to be pulled. His insurance is waiting for prior approval before he can get it pulled!The dentist is giving him percocet's. They are the (5mg/325) The vicodin's are (5mg/500)I believe i have the dosages correct.

He takes 3 percocet's & 1 vicodin in the morning!

Then later on at night around 7pm he takes 3 more percocet's & also 1 more vicodin to.

He don't drink no alcohol.

He smokes pot but i don't think mixing that with the pills will cause any problems. I know mixing alcohol with pills that's a deadly combination!!

Ok with this being said is he taking to many pills in one day? I honestly think he is. Plus i think he is abusing them. I sat him down today & told him taking this many pills can cause liver problems. It can interrupt breathing to if he would take to many pills at one time. He wont listen. He claims he is not hooked on the pills. He said his tooth hurts really bad. I mean i get his tooth hurts but gee-sh does he really need to take 6 percocet's + 2 vicodin's per day?

Please help! Give me your opinion. He thinks im over reacting!Am i making a big deal out of nothing?Please help. Thanks every one!!!!

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