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Hi, this is my 1st day and I found this websit because I asked a question about suboxone. I have severe pain from being rear ended 2 times in 1 year. went to a pain clinic and I got really addicted to percocet, that is why I am on suboxone. I started in May 2008. It helped my pain for so long and it didn't hurt my stomache like all the other non addicting pain meds. It turns out I have Rh or lupas I'm right in the middle of all the testing. What ever it is I'm going to have to take pain meds forever, and that is fine I'm in to quality verses quanity of life..My Dr says I can stay on suboxone indifinitly because it helps me . I got a second opinion and he said the same. I did ask my rehab Dr about going off of it, and he said it would take about a year. I don't want to upset anyone with that info, but I hope you all are getting supervised by your Dr to be on the safe side. Oh also I tryed going off it before all the major pain problems and I was off for 2 weeks with out any problems, and then I started having bad withdrawals again.But I had been on 20 to 30 percocets aday for a little over a year and my Dr told me that the percocet wasn't even out yet.Good luck

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