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Thanks for your reply and caring! I would say, (from experience) the W/D is the main cause of the pain in my joints and all the body aches. I just think I jumped the gun on wanting to get off the pill wagon. I know what ya mean, when ya talk about all the loss and heart ache. Xanax addiction took allot away from me and cause allot of heart ache. I was on Xanax for 22 years and when "I" was ready, I checked myself in Detox and 3 months later I beat them and haven't looked back for nearly 5 years now - that Detox takes the Cake!

I have also used subs to beat oxys before and had a couple of years of no pain meds. Then I was working this summer and tore my rotor-cuff badly. They put me on perks and ya know the rest - it woke up that addict in me and here I am again..? My shoulder isn't all the way healed as I though? Now I have double hernia's to deal with. The over the counter meds just don't help and suboxone does not do anything for pain!

After laying here sick and missing work for a week taking 16mg of subs a day - I just have realized that I'm putting myself thru hell, knowing I have to get a hernia operation soon. Well, I just think it's a waste of time to detox at this time?

So I guess I'm in a catch-22? If I take the Subs it's blocks my pain meds and I hurt and Your so right about being a "slave" to my pain meds! I've been there and know the losses it has caused me! But I'm 45 this year and I can't work in w/d and I'm just not ready to quit?

Truly Lost,

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