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Re: Ambien
Mar 21, 2009
[quote=notperky;3909816]no. Don't get started with ambien. That's the first thing i took after all those years of being clean (it was prescribed post-surgery), and it led me down a dark path because it brought back all those nice mellow feelings. After i recovered from the surgery, i still used the ambien on sun. Nights. My excuse was that i needed a good night's sleep for work mon. Now i take it every night. I can't sleep without it. It will be the next thing i conquer after getting off the oxycodone. I swear, i'll never put another pill for sleep or pain in my mouth.[/quote]

never is a big word i was never going to take that next hit of crack till it almost killed me or have another beer i cant have 1 of any thing . A forum will help me but alone in my head im destined to fail. Selfhelp groups an a power greater than myself help me , ambien i met a guy 1 time insomnia real bad .said he would not sleep for 3 T O 4 days it got so unbearable he would drink a fith of vodka to rest. An i watched him go in an out. Telling me he could not find an md to give him the sleep meds . 1 day i saw him at a meeting as he found an md that gave him sleep medication. 5 years have gone by an he has not had a drink as he is chronic drunk an his sleep meds work great . Be carful god be with you :) NOT SURE WICH SLEEP AID BUT ITS PERSRIBED

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