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First off, you are not addicted..your body got use to the drugs being in your system. And when you forget a dose, naturally you are going to have withdraw..Just as a person will have high blood pressure if he forgets his blood pressure pill. So you take a pill and side effects go away..To have addiction., you have to be doing addicting behaviors. So if you have been taking more than prescribed or buying on the street or lieing to get more drugs etc....The only way you will know if you have pain is to go slowly (tirate ) down off your pill(s) . If you notice your pain becoming more an more etc.. than you have your answer..but if you can tirate off your meds slowly without pain then good..But to me it sounds like you have chronic do not sound like you have a problem with addiction and cravings..good luck, Hugs, Studey
Welcome mjbrook,

We are happy to meet you! So sorry that you are in this situation! Having Chronic Pain and having an addiction to meds has got to be a major struggle. Now, you didn't really say you had an addiction in your post.. you made it sound as if your body was dependant on it which are two different things. A great person on here who lives with chronic pain with no narcotics is ANGELINMICHIGAN (WHERE ARE YOU LYN?)

I think that your husband is just uninformed and if you maybe educate him that it's not that simple and there is more involved maybe he would be more supportive. I also agree with taking him to the Dr. with you!

I just wanted to welcome you and to tell you to make yourself at home here! Take care of yourself!
Mjbrook, If you decide you have no addiction, you do not crave your meds..take to many, run out before time, Try to get more meds than you need..Than come over to the chronic pain site, you will be more than welcome over there also, I have been on my meds for 8 years, never once did I abuse them. Or will I, I am in horrible pain and to think of living without any help for one day is a death sentence..And thank Goodness my family (all of them ) understand this..Hugs, Studey
I was asked by someone at the chronic pain board to respond to this as I normally do not go here.
First, I have 3 levels of disc herniations, multiple levels of spinal stenosis, DDD and facet hypertrophy. For a long time now I wear a 100 ugh fentanyl patch and take 4 30mg of oxycodone a day. I am dependent just like someone taking a steroid or blood pressure medicine. If I stop taking my mess suddenly I will suffer withdrawal

The problem you have is hat your husband is misinformed. Withdrawal does not mean addiction. Addiction is psychological. If you buy off the street, Doctor shop or fail to follow instructions, those are signs of addiction. An addict functions poorly while on the meds. A chronic pain patient functions better while taking the meds. For example if I didn't have pain relief I would be curled up on the couch all day.

Your husband needs to learn the difference between dependence and addiction. Less than 1% of chronic pain patients become addicts.
Mjbrook, I'm also from the chronic pain board and please realize their is a difference addiction and dependence. We who take the meds to manage our pain have built up a tolerance to the meds. You are addicted if you take more than the doctor prescribed, get meds from more than one doctor, etc. I tried two times to see if my pain warranted the pain meds, once on purpose, once by accident and for me, my pain was horrible. But at least by doing this, I knew I still needed the pain meds and it reassured me that I was doing the right thing, that my quality of life is so much better than when I was suffering.

So if you still are wondering, do a controlled taper with your doc and then at least you will know.


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