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hi my mame is scott .last night was kinda tough. lots of pain from the siatica. but as i get up an move around. it gets a little better a least its not 24 7 it seems 2 months since they told me i have it . then 2 weeks later he tells me its perminent. the pain meds are doing the minumum as i only take them in the night . 2 more days. no meds pain killers ,good .it just seems to compound other issues.but i think some of the aches are from the painkills.during the day my hands sweat feet more than they ever did .it could be my body wants more cant afford to go there. hang in there milkshake it will get better .by monday night i suspect alot of sweating an tosing an turning. i remember the first. back in aug . when icame off the percs the first night was the worst. woke up like i had just took a hot shower in my night clothes. day 2 was less sweating. third day sleep was better . stomach pain about a week i was back to normal.nights seem to be the worst . exsept for the first 4 to 6 hours with the meds. by moday i will be taking 500mg naproxin 1mg klonapin for anxiety 2 times. daily for three days.let us know how you doing. scott. i will keep you posted:)oh low impact bike 20 minutes a day to start stretching. iceing . by now im wiling to live with the pain as others have told us that more pain meds makes wd worce 10 10 done .i kinda feel like this post is where i belong as my first day is soon.

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