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Well thought I would chime in and give everyone an update. NA starts tonight for me. I have mixed emotions. Kind of anxious to see who will be there. I know that I was very happy when someone came back, but I was also disappointed in them. That is natural. I also have a DR appt coming up to do the WHOLE body check. I am worried that I have done damage to my body etc. I feel ok and still exercise each day hard, but I cant get that feeling out of my head that something is wrong! That may be a reason I escaped to the pills each night. I hope all of you are doing great today and are on the right track to health.

Hi guys --A few updates. Yesterday was a big day for me. I went back to NA and was welcomed with OPEN ARMS. I was very nervous walking BACK in after a 3 month hiatus, but the first thing that happened was a HUGE huge from about 3 people that I had got know over the 8 months before. I was nice. I also had to FAST for 12 hours so I could get all my blood work done today. didnt get much sleep last night, but felt good going to a DR appt clean and with a straight head (empty stomach!!). I am nervous about the results, but that is only natural. I need to start accepting change and become more open to things I cant control. That is it for now.

How are all of you doing?


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