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Hello wizard and welcome!

Are you sure that you are addictied? A lot of people think that they are addicted when, honestly, they have just developed a tolerance for the drug. Addiction can be defined as enjoying the feeling that the drugs give you, taking the medication even when you don't really need it, and finding the ways and means to get more drugs. This is a short and sweet definition, but is a close enough match to get a feel for the difference between dependence or addiction.

Norco is my drug of choice. When I was at my worst, I was taking between 6-20 pills a day.

Check out the recipe for detox in the sticky column in this board. There is a lot of good advice there. Additionally, think about using methadone or suboxone for chronic pain. They work and can give you your life back. If you don't want to use any opiate, be prepared to suffer chronic pain for the rest of your life. It might be worth it, though.

Good luck,

Hi MK and thank you for the warm welcome. I feel I am addicted because when I have tried to cut down or even stop taking them bad things would happen to my body. My doctor is now talking about putting me on something with a longer "half life" than Norco. Do you have any idea what that might be? One othere thing....where do I find the sticky column that you referred to? Once again, thank you for the reply and advice. Oh, one other thing. Even when I take the Norco the pain is really bad but I find myself becoming very lazy etc. I am also losing my balance and probably look like I'm drunk to peope (due to Neuropathy). I don't know, maybe I should stay on the pills....I just don't know.

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