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Two drugs that have lone half-lives, are used to treat addiction, and are used to treat pain are methadone and suboxone. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Methadone: This drug is frequently prescribed to pain patients that have a history of drug abuse-addiction. It kills pain but blocks the pleasurable feeling that opiates give you. However, it does not block the pain-killing effects of the other opiates like morphine, oxy, vicodin,... Hence, if you are on this med, you can use vicodin or some other drug for break-through pain--but no euphoria. It is the most difficult to detox from because it is a full opiate agonist (agonistic properties include getting maximum relief for pain).

Suboxone: This drug is prescibed, primarily, as a recovery drug. It has pain-killing effects, but not like full agonist opiates like methadone. Additionally, it will block not only the pain-killing effects of other opiates, like vicodin,..., but also will block the pleasurable feeling you get from these opiates. It binds very tightly to the mu-opiate receptor in the brain and spinal cord and will even knock methadone off of a receptor site. The disadvantage to this drug is that if you need break-through pain relief, you will not get it because this drug does too good of a job blocking other opiates. The advantage is that it is "easier" to detox from because it is a partial opiate antagonist (has both agonist and antagonist properties)

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