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I'm tapering off of my last 2 mg currently and am having a horrible go of it. HOWEVER, I consider myself blessed to be released from the hell I was in when I was taking up to 240 mg of methadone/day (before that I was using up to 18 norco (10/325 hydro/acetominophen a day). Granted, I had a serious illness and surgery but that was no excuse for the abuse of those narcotics. That is how I rationalized it. So I started on 12 mg of suboxone a day about 6 months ago and have slowly tapered down to the 1 2mg tablet now. This past month my doctor recommended I try going down to 3/4 of a 2 mg tablet a day (1.5 mg). Even with that simple small reduction I simply could NOT perform at work. I was constantly anxious and tired and just plain out of it. I got warned at work that my performance wasn't usual and was written up. Because I can't afford to take time off to go through this right now, what I plan to do is call my doc tomorrow and tell him I'm just going to have to be maintained on this one whole pill a day until I can maybe go away in the summer and do the dirty deed of going completely off.

If my doc wanted to write me an official note to my manager citing "It is necessary for "SkinnyBoy" to take medical leave for at least 4 weeks." Wouldn't that make is so that they would legally have to take me back once I hopefully am clean? Because that's my main concern... if I go away will my very much NEEDED job be here when i get back... e s p e c i a l l y with this economy. I'm scared as it is to lose my job.

Any insight would be awesome... and thanks everyone for your bravery with being so open and honest in sharing. It really does help to know there are others out there like me. :wave:

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