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Hi Slinky, just a short reply, from my experience, for me,.....I believe suboxone helped me mentally. It allowed me to mentally stop the vicious mental almost neurotic craving for my next dose. It was kind of like a short break that allowed me some time to look at my problem. But, only a short time. After a while of taking suboxone, a couple months, the suboxone just became a substitute drug.
When I decided to c/t off the suboxone I was at 4mg. Going c/t at 4mg was the most difficult c/t i had ever experienced. Physically the most grueling and forget the mental, I was so busy with the physical and the emotional rollercoaster it didn't matter.
I'm not sure where I would be now if I had not take the suboxone route. My advice is this, be cautious about substituting one drug for another.
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
Also there is a great deal of info about what you yourself might experience, no matter your choice, right here on this board. Go back through the days, months and years and read. You will get a good idea of what to expect going through withdawl and recovery, I did. Blessings and good luck.

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