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SUBOXONE drama...
Apr 8, 2009
So I posted before about maintaining on sub vs. tapering and it's been an emotional roller coaster. I told my doc that the tapering wasn't working and that more than likely I should just maintain until I can afford to go away for recovery in a professional environment. He agreed. Trouble is, I don't think I will be able to afford it any time soon. SO... I thought of an idea. The main trouble with tapering is having the medication next to my bed and the temptation it brings. So I asked my roommate (who has become a close friend and understands my predicament), if she would hold onto to the sub and only give me 1/2 a 2mg tab a day. I'm going down from 1 and 1/4 tabs a day to 1/2 tabs a day. Does anyone think this might be over-ambitious?? My rational says that 1 is all I really have been needing and the 1/4 was what I took when I was tempted. So to taper I thought going down 1/2 would be ok. I really want to do this. As much as I'm worried about how I'll feel at work and in general, I'm just SO sick of this volley back and forth with getting off the sub vs. not. So I guess I'm just asking for support and advice as to supplements or things to do to make me feel better if I start feeling nasty. ALSO, my friend told me of an orga:dizzy:nization called PILLS ANONYMOUS. I've only ever heard of NA and AA. Does anyone have experience with PA and what are your thoughts? Thanks!

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